Hexacool® Air Cooled Condensers

Hexacool® is an air cooled condenser (ACC), well suited for use in waste to energy, biomass and small size electrical power plants and industrial co-generation. For small power and industrial applications, SPX Dry Cooling, Inc. specifically developed its Hexacool® ACC with the goal of offering a standard modular system that would be low in cost, easy to erect and robust in performance.

Hexacool® induced draft configuration allows to save up to 15% fan power consumption

Details and options

The HEXACOOL® Air Cooled Condenser offers the following benefits:

  • A cost-effective solution for a high quality product.
  • Compact simplified design with greater degree of prefabrication in workshop.
  • Loads on foundations are reduced.
  • Low profile design – Total height is lower than an A-Frame design
  • Easier integration in urban environment.
  • Easy to build in the field.
  • Improved performance during windy conditions.
  • Induced draft concept reduces risk of hot air recirculation for higher efficiency in all operating conditions
  • Unit designed for cleaning and maintenance
  • This innovative environmentally friendly design is a trend setter in the industry
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A Revolution in Air-Cooled Condensers.
For small power and industrial applications, a conventional A-Frame model may not be the most cost effective solution. We designed a standardized, modular air-cooled condenser system that is low in cost, easy to erect, and robust in performance.

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